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DJI Ronin S Compact (SC)

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Ronin-S Compact

We enjoyed the Ronin-S Essentials package, although many with Mirror-less cameras were left out of the footage reel for the most part.  Now both sides can join together on set, as DJI as released the Ronin-SC, a lightweight design and engineering similar to the Ronin-S but that supports Mirror-less cameras.  

The Ronin-S Compact Gimbal uses smaller and lighter components to create a lighter and smaller yet just as effective Camera Gimbal.  The Ronin-S Compact is easy and quick to assemble, store and transport.  


11 hours max battery life

2.5 lbs Gimbal weight (1.1 kg)

Payload support up to 4.4 lbs (2.0 kg)

Sport Mode

Unobstructed Roll Axis Arm

Unlimited Yaw Axis

Automated Features such as Panorama, Timelapse, Motionlapse, Motion Control, Active Track 3.0, Force Mobile

Specialized Ronin App Layout


DJI is great with notifications of compatibility of camera models.  Users should conduct further research into whether their camera will be compatible with the Ronin-SC.  DJI has offered a list of compatibility requirements with some cameras.

New Osmo Pocket Accessories!

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Mobile Phone Gimbals

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Congrats to Collier County Sheriff's Office!

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DJI Battery Health Maintenance Tips

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DJI or Aftermarket Batteries

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Ronin-S Essentials Kit!

Here!The Ronin-S Standard Package released just a year ago at the end of 2018's Second Quarter.  2019's Second Quarter will see a release of a new accessory combination with the same Ronin-S.  Rotorlogic is excited for the Ronin-S Essentials Kit to Release!  We are excited to offer this technology at a lower price point to potentially [...]

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What Does Display Resolution Mean to Drone Enthusiasts?

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More Fat Shark Products - In Stock!

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