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Gift Ideas From DJI's 2019 Products!

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Wow!  What a year!  Rotorlogic has had a busy year as an authorized North American Dealer of DJI products.  DJI's product line up for 2019 was awesome!

We saw many new products released this year from DJI including the Osmo Action, Robomaster S1, Osmo Mobile 3 and Ronin-SC.  We are very impressed of the advancement in the companies technology, of such high quality but price points that allow access to almost all.  Let's look at the best that DJI has to offer from a perspective of gifts for the holiday season.

Tello and Tello Boost ($99 - $149)

This is the best quality drone/ quad-copter at this price even after another whole year.  This product is very popular as a first introductory step into the RC hobby, and may remain so for the coming decade!  Safe enough to fly indoors, high quality camera to show off recorded adventures, and low-cost to remain easy to replace in case of a crash.  Additionally; The Tello has the most support products by over 5 different companies, expanding what is possible with this tiny drone.  The quality at this price point makes it an obvious win for any tech-gift and options to create a unique experience are still on their way.

Osmo Mobile 3 ($119 - $139+)

The Osmo Mobile 3 is a huge quality at such a low price point.  This was most likely achieved by advances with the larger Ronin Camera Gimbals, which inspired the basis for features and design.  You now have access to steady photos and videos through your phone, active track, ah man; so many features check them all out!  This Mobile 3 jumps way ahead of it's previous models with a foldable ergonomic grip, one-tap command templates, Dolly Zoom as well as returning favorite modes including gesture recognition and Hyperlapse.

Robomaster S1 ($499+)

The Robomaster S1 is a successful attempt at creating a platform to allow youth to experience and enjoy the disciplines of computer programming and engineering.  The product comes in need of assembly of over 100 individual pieces.  After, you can use the app to piece together commands as puzzle pieces, to customize your Robomaster experience by creating an automated or functional instructions.  It also has a light shooter and plastic bead shooter to establish dominance over the self-absorbed Tellos, Roombas or Neatos in the room.

Other New Products include:

Osmo Action ($349)

The Osmo Action is a 4k camera that can be put on cars, bikes, helmets and handheld to provide excellent footage at a great price point.  Many features on this one including RockSteady (ultra shake removal filter) 4kHDR, and 4k60P.  Very popular for its creative shooting modes (8x Slow Motion, Custom Exposure Settings, Timelapse, and Timed Filming Mode.  Lastly, The Action still has many accessory parts coming out in the future.

Osmo Pocket ($349)

The Osmo Pocket is another innovation from DJI in Portable, High Quality Cameras.  Popular and industry standard features such as ActiveTrack, 3x3 Panorama, Motionlapse, and NightShot.  Also, you have access to an in-app editing suite to help make social media/ self-platform content of the highest quality bordering on film production grade.


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