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DJI or Aftermarket Batteries

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We often get the question as an Authorized Dealer of DJI Products; why we do not wish to sell any other brands or manufacturer's batteries.  Many Aftermarket, Branded, or General manufacturers are out there and will constantly send emails and salesmanship.  We outline some of the reasons why we never respond in this article.  

Intelligent Function Optimum Performance

All DJI drones are expensive pieces of equipment grade electronics.  These machines normally process so much information in a short span of time, only one manufacturer will ever truly understand the needs of the equipment they produce, so we only buy from that one company; DJI.  Purchasing a generic battery puts a drone at risk of not having it's power needs met during any critical function.  All DJI batteries are programmed so the flyer knows when their power level is low and power failures are rare when using a OEM DJI battery.  Also, many DJI drones have the ability to land with enough power left to avoid shutdowns.  We do not want any one's drones skipping a function, so Rotorlogic does not take the chance.

Differences in Specification

If a racer can not even make it to a starting line, then it has no business racing.  I say this because we have seen a popular Generic Phantom 4 battery hit the market even though it's capacity is less than an OEM battery.  This is dangerous as once again you are putting an expensive piece of equipment at risk of not having it's power needs met when performing complex functions to keep your flying experience in flight.  Rotorlogic only sources batteries from DJI, which might explain why we can sell so many units a month, with little to no issues.  

Difference in Pricing 

Many consumers are immediately drawn in by the savings in price.  At the time of this writing the difference is about $40 from Genuine batteries.  The pricing would be better for the Generic Battery's manufacturer too as they do not have the a warranty as DJI does, and there is less cost to accept returns, and less cost on the non- DJI battery manufacturer since only DJI offers a warranty on their batteries.  These Non-DJI batteries are cheap all around for all parties.  Unfortunately for these manufacturers, this store is decided.  DJI genuine parts brings the lowest risk to DJI drones, and highest satisfaction to DJI product users, that is our main concern, so for DJI products; DJI will be our only source.


DJI advises to only use DJI batteries in their Intelligent Flight Battery Guide.  

Rotorlogic wishes you well in your hobby or profession involving drones.  Here we will continue to only sell Genuine DJI batteries and parts.  If you have any questions leave a comment or message us!  Please let us know if you have had any experiences with DJI batteries or other brands and what you observed!  We are really interested to hear more of your experience.


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