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DJI Battery Health Maintenance Tips

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DJI is a great manufacturer that has released so much information to help users maintain the health of their batteries.  Rotorlogic is happy to read this material and report it back to you, in a short reminder format.  The Full DJI content is linked at the bottom of the article.  The Three main concerns to maintaining battery health include"


- during storage around 77* F

- before charging between 41* to 104* F

- before use between 32* to 104* F

Storage or Transportation

- store in a non-magnetic place, always try to use DJI specified storage/transportation bags (come in small or large sizes) or boxes and store in cool and dry temperatures

- DJI advises to discharge your battery before prolonged storage 30% to 50% 

30% before general transit The DJI GO App allows users to set batteries to self-discharge

Use Behavior

- Use batteries when fully charged

- keep batteries away from liquids

- Install or Remove batteries only when aircraft is off

- Monitor battery status in DJI GO app.

- After aircraft powers on, use battery only if no warning displays appear in DJI GO app

We do support many of DJI's consumer products, below you can find links to the batteries we sell and any available DJI Technical Information.

For more information 

View DJI's Intelligent Flight Battery Safety Guide

or the Drone Maintenance Checklist Post from the DJI Forum

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