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New Osmo Pocket Accessories!

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New Accessories Inbound!

DJI authorized North American dealers were delighted today with the announcement of another wave of New Osmo Pocket accessories!  Three new accessories will soon be available for the Osmo Pocket following the previously released: 3.5mm Adapter, Charging Case, and ND Filters Set.  

Rotorlogic is excited to soon make the DJI Osmo Pocket accessories available right after we just started selling several of the best PGYTECH Osmo Pocket and Osmo Action accessories.

The new DJI accessories include a waterproof carrying case.

An Extension rod, that can extend dependent on feedback from the Osmo Pocket.

And Anti-Fog Inserts to prevent buildup of moisture or air on the Pocket's interior.

Extension Rod

The extension rod can support the Osmo Pocket and your mobile phone. Giving you the control  and feel in likeness to that normally reserved to one of the Osmo Mobile or Ronin Gimbals.  Seeing this part now, we can understand why it is Part # 1.  Extension Rods are normally one of the more popular accessories for Osmo Gimbals, as they often extend the utility of the product, with new shows being possible from the added range and mobility.


Osmo Pocket Waterproof Case

Alleviate your fears, if you purchased the Pocket and wanted to go under water as you can with the Action, this accessory is for you. The Osmo Pocket can now film from inside a case safe and sound from the surrounding water. Limited to stated limits of the product.

Osmo Pocket Anti-Fog Inserts

The anti-fog inserts will be a big necessity when using in foggy locations, or when using the pocket in its case in hot weather.  This one truly shows that DJI is paying attention to feedback from communities. 

Still more Osmo Pocket Accessories to Come

With the release of these new accessories; users now have access to a total of 12 accessories for their Osmo Pocket!  

The 2nd best thing about these accessories released is we now know, THERE ARE THREE MORE ACCESSORIES THAT HAVE STILL YET TO BE RELEASED!  

We can not wait to find out what utility these three upcoming parts will add to an already so agile consumer camera option.  We have yet to see Osmo Pocket Parts 9, 10, and 14 (teased by Part 15's release).

Once in stock, we will add the listings here.

If you have an idea what the other three parts will be, please let us know in the comment section below!

Also, if you have some explanation to support your guesses, please let us know as well, we are very familiar with Osmo products and have an idea based on previous products.  


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