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Mobile Phone Gimbals

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Rotorlogic is happy to offer three different models of mobile phone gimbals.

Originally, our interest grew for the Osmo Mobile, out of the effective technology DJI had released for drones, combined with the interest of the public with mobile phone photography.  Once Osmo mobile joined us on the shelves and on our vacations; we became very happy with it's performance and the new exciting opportunities we had to show off what we did on the weekend.  

The interest for the Osmo Mobile followed into the release of Osmo Mobile 2.  After some fixes, its performance was satisfactory as well, and the first Osmo Mobile remained as a favorite.  We were drawn to the Moza Mini-M for it's aim for solid compatibility with Android devices mentioned in it's release.

So without further delay, here is an intro to the Mobile Phone Gimbals.

Osmo Mobile

The Osmo Mobile raised expectations and killed the selfie stick's rise.  This gimbal stabilized movement for smoother phone recording, had active tracking technology to assist in keeping subject in frame, assisted to direct motion time-lapses.  This gimbal outsold many from major cellphone manufacturers and helped mobile phone users to create better quality footage and photo from their phones.  Cameras in phones keep getting better but now people could actually make watchable videos for a low price point.  This unit had a smaller capacity battery, but the batteries could be replaced,

Osmo Mobile 2

The Osmo Mobile 2 hit the market with a higher capacity battery that was none-removable, but boasted a shorter charging time.  Lighter in weight over the Mobile 1; the active tracking, motion-stabilization, motion time lapses features from the 1 carried over to the 2.  The Mobile 2 could accept an SD card for storage and some phones could have their camera settings be controlled from the Osmo.  The Osmo Mobile 2 has more battery capacity, more features, and is lower in price to the Original Osmo Mobile. 

Moza Mini-M

It's own animal, The Moza Mini-Mi brought even more features to it's user's fingertips.  Like the Mobile 2 you can charge your phone with the gimbal, but a step further; Mini-Mi brought wireless charging to a mobile phone gimbal. The Moza Genie App allowed access to features including Dolly Zoom, Focus Adjustment, Multiple Subject Detection, Filter, Slow-Motion Time lapse, Exposure, ISO Shutter control through Gimbal, 8 different follow modes, manual positioning, and 360 degree rotation.  Could accept a light or mic, but also a tripod or extension pole.  


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