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What Does Display Resolution Mean to Drone Enthusiasts?

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What is the Display Resolution?

The standard for Resolution Display rating is a measurement of horizontal pixels by vertical pixels. 

For example, the Fat Shark HDO has a OLED Display Resolution of 960 x 720; 960 pixels from left to right (horizon) and 720 from top to bottom (vertical).  This information is important because the more pixels you have the better the viewing experience is available to the user, but also the higher the power, information processing, and information travel speed needs of the device.  More pixels allow the user to have a better or higher quality viewing experiences but needs slightly more power and information processed.

Different Technologies

One reason behind the HDO's success post-launch is that is uses one of the most advanced, developed, and utilized display technologies in the market; OLED or Organic Light Emitting Diode.  This technology is present in most cellphones, laptops, and other electronic devices.  The HDO also boasts the largest Display resolution when compared to the Recon V2, and the HD3 Core.  

The HD3 Core google came with a first defined 800 x 600 display resolution, utilizing the Super Video Graphics Array or SVGA technology.  The SVGA Technology was a standard in industries for so many decades as it's initial definitions of display resolution was expanded twice as the technology's performance and color range was increased due to certain specifications tweaks of the accompanying graphics cards.  

This means an upgrade to the internal graphics cards of the devices already using the SVGA technology would see an increase up to 1024 x 768.  

Additionally the pixels were 8-bit, so they could display a wider color range then previous productions.  Due to the success and long dominance of the technology, it is still a favorite for it's reliability, availability of parts, and knowledge.

The above SVGA technology was used in most computer monitors while the later developed Wide Quarter Video Graphics Array (WQVGA) was used for smaller devices, like the earlier cellphones, and ipods nanos.  The WQVGA technology allowed the a high-quality image display but with less pixels.  This technology is still very recent, inexpensive, and made the VGA technology available at a lower price point.  This helps in making the Fat Shark Recon V2 one of the lowest cost FPV Goggle sets being under $80!  More than a third of the price of the other models mentioned.  

Rotorlogic is excited to offer the Recon V2 as it is one of the best quality FPV goggle sets available at a low price.  Rotorlogic has been searching to offer a product like this, so that this hobby can be open to many consumers.  


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