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Ronin-S Essentials Kit!

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The Ronin-S Standard Package released just a year ago at the end of 2018's Second Quarter.  2019's Second Quarter will see a release of a new accessory combination with the same Ronin-S.  Rotorlogic is excited for the Ronin-S Essentials Kit to Release!  We are excited to offer this technology at a lower price point to potentially open up the availability of this Powerful camera accessory to new users.  


With the Essentials Package you get the Same Ronin-S Gimbal, nothing different with the gimbal, the differences are in the accessories that come in the package.  One Issue with the Standard offering, is that it was geared almost entirely towards Professionals.  Film, Camera Operators, Special Events, Real Estate, Photography; the Standard offering came almost ready to connect to any DSLR camera.  The Standards Package may be overwhelming to a hobbyist or enthusiasts trying to build up their experience and equipment.  The Essentials Package winds the Ronin-S down to a good foundation to build up your set-up.

The Essentials Package lacks 9 Components from the Standard Kit, and has a Plastic Extended Grip/Tripod where as the Standard; includes a Metal Extended Grip/Tripod. 

Standard and Essentials Kit Includes

  • Gimbal
  • BG37 Grip
  • Camera Mounting Plate
  • 3 1/4"-20 Screw
  • Lens Support
  • Camera Riser
  • USB-C Cable
  • Storage Case

Ronin-S Standard Kit Only

  • Focus Wheel
  • RSS IR Control Cable
  • Multi-Camera Control Cable (Type-C)
  • Multi-Camera Control Cable (Type-B)
  • (Metal) Extended Grip/Tripod
  • Region Specific 24W USB Power Adapter
  • Accessories Box
  • (2) Allen Wrenches
  • Hook-and-Loop Strap for Cable

The Ronin-S Essentials Kit is soon to arrive, if you have any further questions; let us know.

Many of the Ronin-S accessories of the Standard Package, not included in the Essentials package are sold separately, so do not be afraid of not being able to find the parts if you decide you need them; check out our store, let us know if you need help finding something.

Thank you for reading.


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