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More Fat Shark Products - In Stock!

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Great News Everybody!

More Fat Shark parts are in!  We are so excited here, as the products receive a listing and are placed into inventory! 

Here is a quick rundown of the offerings you will see that are popular and of high interest.

The Spektrum Focal DVR 

The rubber material on the exterior is a welcome change, as it brings comfort during periods of extensive use, and deters the impact of moisture.  

You can manually search for a channel by pressing button once or hold it down to conduct an auto search, it can use the 4 most common bands in use in the United States.  Better in terms of grip and is less annoying to hold if we are using it for a long time, versus the glossy exterior the previous model had.  

It has a lineal antenna which makes it useful for both right and left-handed antennas.  You can still use the patch or directional antennas if you need the longer range (sold seperately).  

Fan is included, with 2 sets of foam to choose between thin or thick.  Batteries feature the LED Meter and USB Charging Port.

  This is an all in one Goggle set, meaning you get a receiver, battery, goggle, and antenna all in the package, ready to go.  You can choose between 4:3 or 16:9 ratios. 

Attitude V3 Headset 

This is headset is still popular as it builds off the success of the V2. The V3 has a face plate and a fan now standard; allowing extensive use without fog or moisture build up.

The Headset also boasts a 32 degree field of view and 640 x 480 display. Modular Receivers were high in demand from customers so Fat Shark brought that to the V3 design, so beginners can begin and customizers can customize.

This Headset also has a head tracker built in, so if you have your own camera that is compatible with head tracking technology. Your head movements will be used to guide camera.

You can go for the box combo, or the goggle only set.  

(Your comments helped us find that some users need just the goggle set, in order to build their collection of goggles and not their collection of unused receivers, thank you!)


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