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Fat Shark Recon V2 and the Aomway 700TVL Camera Can FPV Anything!

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When you think FPV and Goggle Sets, the most popular activities that come to mind include FPV Drone Racing, or Professional Camera Drone Equipment. This is not the case any more as the Remote Control Accessory manufacturers are making it easier to set up Viewing Transmission systems for RC devices. Today I want to go over how we used 2 particular products to revive older RC Toys. One concern is although DJI's fantastic engineering has brought drones into the status of high quality equipment and tools, some are concerned that the focus is moving away from the more classical use of RC equipment being for fun or recreational toys. That is not the case as it is easier now than ever, to gain a good FPV experience out of RC Toys.

Many kits are now available to easily create an FPV experience with little installation required, using any RC Toy.

Recently we tried this out at the office, we chose the Fat Shark 1122 Recon Version 2 Goggle because it has a DVR ability, that with a micro SD card; it can record footage for you.

What you need.

  1. RC Car/ Toy
  2. Double Sided tape such as from Scotch or 3M
  3. FPV Google with Compatible Camera Set Up. (We used the Recon V2 from Fat Shark and the HB 200 Camera)

We chose the Aomway 700TVL Camera as it is easy to set up, just install the antenna, plug in the chord and connect to a small battery with 5V.  You can also use the Fat Shark 1254 Camera as it is light-weight, and just as easily compatible.  Although we changed to the HB200CAM because the battery we had would require an adapter to connect to the Fat Shark/Spektrum 1254 Camera.

For the Goggle set we went with the Fat Shark Recon Version 2.  

Although we had access to many of the Goggle Sets by FPV Goggle Set manufacturer Fat Shark; we chose the Recon V2 for the DVR feature. We can use the included MicroSD card to capture footage of the transmission from Camera saving it to the MicroSD Card. You could use other goggle sets, just make sure the antennas and camera set ups are compatible.

The Fat Shark Recon V2 is one of the more economical FPV Goggle sets available on the market right now.

The best part of the Aomway 700TVL or the Fat Shark 1254 Camera set up with a Recon V2, is it can easily be replaced onto most RC toys. I will post videos about this set up soon, showing where we drove this thing around, and other RC Toys we applied it to.it to.

Now this set up could be Complete with different cameras as Aomway and Fat Shark are both brands that are carried by Rotorlogic. The main concern is to make sure your goggle set and camera are going to work with each other. I put this set up together due to my little brother having been wanting a drone and goggle set for the longest time. Instead of purchasing some expensive drone and goggle set he can crash and learn; I used one of his many RC Toys that still work fine, and put a new twist on it. This way he can slowly get the hang of controlling something he can see through a google set and play with something he does not need a license to operate. Also this is a great way to revive interest in old RC toys that can be played with and not worry about it getting stuck on someones roof, window, backyard, or where ever the wind is blowing that day.


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