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3 Gift Recommendations for 2018!

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Hi Everybody!

Holiday season is just around the corner again.  Here at the office we love to talk drones all day, and in order to make it seem like work; we made a list of what drone innovations our company offers, that we believe will make the best gifts for this 2018.  

Our Top 3!

3rd - Open Box / Used Items


  • High Quality goods below market value
  • Varying Opportunities to get what you are looking for with less $$
  • Different Items and always a surprise to see what we have in stock 

So returns here, have mixed feelings.  Although we hate to see a product come back to the warehouse, many of our new guys get into drones because of the Open Box / Used Items.  AC purchased a Spark Drone to show off a camping trip, I (JR) started with the Osmo (used to work for a special event filming company).  We eventually got new items when the upgrades came out, since we were hooked from the first model.   Even though it is a more sentimental reason, we believe people can always find something they will like here, like how some of us got into the hobby, something that is very much functional but at a lower price point than new.   

2nd - Mavic Air


  • Comes with just the drone and controller, or with the Fly More Combo
  • Recent Technology with potential for more accessories and add ons
  • Great experience if you are careful and take care of your drone.

This is great if you have so many years experience with the hobby.  This drone is not meant for beginners, many of us with experience know what this drone is capable of, and are careful due to repair costs.  The First Mavic and Spark blew our minds with the video quality and options and the Mavic Air is the next in line to impress.   It is lite weight like the spark, but solid like the Mavic models.  The battery charging hub is a welcome accessory versus the Spark's massive charging base.  

1st - Tello! 


  • Great for Beginners
  • New Accessories Coming Out Soon, increasing amount of customization options!
  • Excellent Experience at a Low Price Point
  • Low Maintenance and Repair Cost
  • Little Technical Knowledge Needed 

Tello came out first because it is such a good deal for what you are getting and can impress a wide range of drone enthusiasts.  This drone allows an awesome experience without the high maintenance and repair costs for other advanced drones.  The Tello has it all, as an excellent drone experience with less know-how needed to operate, for around $100.  This drone is great for beginners, and experienced flyers who want to help their friends get into the drone flying experience.  We are super excited about this drone going into the future, especially as PGYTECH begins to create more accessories for this and other DJI drones, we have some that will be available before the end of the year.   


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